Urban Mobility Labs (UML)

The Mobility Labs are operating und continuously developing "carrying structures" for transport- and mobility-related RTI. The details of the individual implementation projects can be found in the following section.

aspern.mobil LAB

Logo aspern.mobil LABaspern.mobil LAB wants to create a space in the Seestadt of Vienna in which residents, researchers, city administrations and corporations can collaboratively contribute to a sustainable urban mobility.

The aspern.mobil LAB aims to establish and facilitate a new culture of mobility and innovation on-site. This will turn the Seestadt into a "lighthouse project" for Austria as an innovation centre.

Being the biggest city development area in Europe, the Seestadt Aspern offers the perfect requirements and possibilities for Innovation. Residents of the Seestadt, local stakeholders and R&D players will think, develop and act jointly on an equal footing.

Due to the ideal transfer characteristics of Aspern the focus is on neighbourhood-oriented mobility. Throughout its lifetime, the aspern.mobil LAB offers the possibility to reduce the costs of R&D projects that include user participation. Furthermore it provides knowledge supporting the successful implementation of mobility innovations in other cities and districts.

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MOBILITY LAB - Stadtregion Graz bewegt

Logo Mobility Lab GrazThe region of Graz is one of the most air-polluted areas in Austria. One of the main reasons for this condition is the private transport which will continuously increase due to the increasing population in the region.

The Urban Mobility Lab Graz grenzenlos aims to decrease the daily traffic flows of private transport. It supports technical, social and institutional mobility innovations, in order to fasten marketability of products and services. The inclusion of users during the development- and testing process improves the chances of market implementation substantially.

Companies (start-ups, SMEs, industry), research institutes and others that aim to implement innovations benefit from the fast, standardised and convenient testing possibilities, the infrastructure, the pool of methods and the concentrated competences of the Urban Mobility Lab. Graz grenzenlos mainly focuses on Graz and its surroundings. However, the project has a further spatial impact, for example within the innovation focus area Graz - Gleisdorf.

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MobiLab OÖ

Logo MobiLab OÖAccording to the primary mobility issues in central Upper Austria (corridor Linz, Steyr, Wels) the MobiLab OÖ focuses on those traffic flows mainly induced by economic actions.

Within passenger transport these are for example commuter traffic, business traffic as well as customer and visitor traffic.

Regarding freight transport, particularly delivery, production and distribution traffic including disposal are addressed. A modular and mobile innovation space will offer the possibility to understand social as well as entrepreneurial processes and dynamics and to test and analyse new ideas with an open-minded approach. The methods integrated in the MobiLab OÖ are oriented on the so called "design-thinking process".

It is important to highlight the different facets of the complex problem to create empathy for the target groups in order to understand their needs and perceptions. Additionally, the creation of ideas as well as their further development is made possible.

In the following phases first concepts will be realised as prototypes and tested by the target group. Additionally, modular and mobile technological sets will be applied in support of the individual process phases (e.g. tablets and cameras for the observing phase in the field).

Furthermore, they should be used to facilitate first prototypes (e.g. augmented reality gadgets for the use of real time data). These sets of technology will be set up on-site in form of a case-based system.

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Thinkport Vienna

Logo Thinkport ViennaThinkport Vienna is an Urban Mobility Lab that deals with the challenges of urban city logistics in a comprehensive and long-term manner with a focus on Vienna.

Being a catalyst, incubator and multiplier for new technologies, ideas and concepts to support innovations in freight logistics is the mission of this UML.

The Thinkport wants to comprise the creation of an open space for innovation and co-creation on the one hand and wants to offer a real test environment by using the resources of participating institutions on the other hand. The test environment is the basis for the determination of necessary frameworks for smart, urban freight logistics and relating methodological developments as well as the evaluation of complex, innovative concepts, processes and technologies.

The main guiding principles of the Thinkport include zero-emission goals, effectiveness, efficiency and the recovery of public space. The Thinkport Vienna supports the stimulation of innovation, accompanies the process of their implementation and makes them visible and understandable.

New trends will be on display on-site and start-ups will be provided with space for the development of new business models and technologies. International networking possibilities with further initiatives and Innovation Labs will be facilitated. Target groups are logistics service providers, start-ups and technology developers, schools, universities, NGOs, citizens and stakeholders.

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UML Salzburg

Logo UML SalzburgThe Urban Mobility Lab (UML) Salzburg facilitates innovation projects in passenger transport and city logistics.

The three thematic priorities of the UML are:

  • intermodal interfaces (within passenger transport and city logistics),
  • integrated mobility management (location-specific) as well as
  • ITS (intelligent transport systems) and alternative power trains.

On the one hand the UML Salzburg will support user oriented innovation projects and thus transfer research outcomes (incl. prototypes) into sustainable implementations. On the other hand mobility offers will be adapted to the specific challenges of the city and the region.

The Urban Mobility Lab (UML) Salzburg aims to initiate socially relevant innovation projects that highly contribute to intelligent urban mobility and city logistics organisations and which promise a high probability of implementation based on the fundamental strategies.

Research institutes, planning offices, SMEs and the industry can make use of innovative services in addition to the basic offers (e.g. creating awareness, coordination with the master plans) in order to support their innovation projects. In doing so, depending of the question, different stakeholder groups will be included to achieve the highest possible degree of networking.

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