Future Mobility

The research funding program for mobility and transport

Mission Statement

In an age of growing demand for mobility, dwindling resources and limited capacity, we must develop new transport solutions through research, technology and innovation.

The Research Program Future Mobility focuses on the search for integrated solutions designed to help build the mobility system of the future, a system that must balance social, environmental and economic needs. This integrated approach helps create systems that contribute significantly to ensuring mobility while minimizing the negative impacts of transport.

The complex interactions inherent in transport systems require interdisciplinary research approaches aimed at developing both technological and social-organizational innovations. Thus the program focuses on new markets, generating solutions that respond closely to the essential needs of society.

Program Objectives and Thematic Fields

The mission-oriented program addresses strategic challenges in the areas of society, environment and economy by focusing on four themes.

The program supports system-oriented innovation in the fields of passenger and goods transport based on user needs. Complimenting these user-oriented themes the program also supports technical innovation in the fields of transport infrastructure and vehicle technology. This combination encourages development of synergistic solutions designed to address today’s mobility challenges and helps create a sustainable future-oriented framework for mobility research.