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Frame bridge – Handling instruction for the conversion from existing bridges to integral bridges

The objective of this project was the elaboration of the handling instruction for the adaptation of conventional existing bridges to integral bridges by means of a survey of the national and international literature as well as statistical examination taking essential parameters into account. In addition to the essential construction details of the integral or semi-integral bridges (e.g., frame corner and concrete hinge) the deformable slip plate will also be examined and design rules will be suggested.

FTB-Concrete Surface – Influence of air void characteristics and aftertreatment for frost and de-icing chemical resistance of concrete carriage-ways

This research project analyzed how a noncompliance with requirements or has a negative effect on the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete pavements.

Combined fibre concrete – Development of a crack-free railway sleeper through the use of a combined fiber-reinforced high-strength concrete

In practice the use of pre-stressed concrete sleepers is often accompanied by cracks-occurrence, such as longitudinal, lateral and shrinkage cracks. At the occurrence of cracks the resistance of sleepers to environmental influences is reduced. By the development of a combined fibre reinforced high-strength concrete, the risk of a formation of micro- and macro cracks can be substantially reduced, whereby the expected lifetime of concrete sleepers can increasing significantly and a costly renovation can be avoided.

Shear area model - Mechanically consistent shear area-model for existing bridges without or with small lateral force reinforcement

Within the scope of this research project a mechanically consistent model for the shear resistance of bridges without or low shear reinforcement was developed.

INCOM-F – Austrian RTI-competences at the interface of freight transport and logistics

The investigation „INCOM-F“ identified the interfaces per se and subsequently (industry-) specific RTI competencies at the respective interfaces between the transport of goods and logistics in austria.

EKOK – Comfort- and energy consumption optimized indoor air-conditioning systems for rail vehicles

The project EKOK aimed to develop procedures and unconventional system-solutions for heating and air-conditioning installations in the field of rail vehicles, which should reach the optimum regarding energy efficiency and comfort for the passengers.

NAHTRANSPORT – development of a non-motorized goods transport system for local supply

The main aim in the project NAHTRANSPORT is to develop a system for non-motorized transport of goods and the associated creation of suitable components, for optimization of last-mile transport of goods to the customers homes.

CNGDiesel – Development of natural gas diesel Dual-fuel combustion engine in order to reduce CO² reduction for passenger car propulsion

The tenor of the project is the development of a CO²-optimal gas-diesel dual-fuel combustion process based on a passenger car diesel engine taking into account the global emissions legislation. Thereby, the aim was to realise CO² savings of up to 25% w without worsening the characteristics regarding emissions and acoustics.

pro:motion – supporting active mobility by target group orientation and motivation

In pro:motion, methods from social sciences were applied in order to identify homogeneous groups of shared mobility-related information needs and to extract appropriate group-related arguments, concerning e.g. health, environment, costs, image, adventure, in order to create incentives for active mobility.

HyperHybrid- High efficient and low cost serial hybrid system for passenger vehicles

Project target is the development and construction of a high efficient and low cost serial hybrid system for mass production application in passenger vehicles.

WIFAS – The Assessment of social impacts of funding programmes that support research in the mobility of people and goods

The aim of this study is to develop a conceptually and empirically sound model to capture the social effects and/or impacts caused by subsidy programmes –Thus, by working out appropriated indicators and by conceiving a rating system which is suitable for the analysis of a variety of impact dimensions, with special emphasis on ecological effects.

eComTraf – Effects of e-commerce on the overall transport system

The study eComTraf analysed the impacts of the relation between consumer needs, the offers of online retailers and the CEP (courier-express-parcel) service industry on the development of the overall transport system.

GüMoS - sustainable mobility of goods in cities - guideline for RTI projects

An intensive discussion about freight transport in cities is ongoing since the 1980ies. The originally chosen city logistic approaches investigated and propagated isolated transport consolidations within freight transport centres. Today, solutions have to focus on a much wider approach. GöMoS takes this into consideration.

kids2move – Integrative networking system for the optimization of accompanied routes

Traffic behaviour as much as the choice of transport mode, are already formed in the early childhood by the social environment. Here, the caregivers inherit a significant role model function. Especially every-day routes like those from or to kindergarten, to school and to leisure time activities influence the approach to mobility and the actual traffic behaviour.

CinderRailer – Network of polygonal transport for the combination of slag and gypsum transport with the same containers

The project involved developing innovative logistics chains in rail transport for bulk goods such as granulated slag, gypsum, gravel and substitute fuels, which has previously ruled out the use of the same equipment.

MobLab Study – Accompanying study for the preparation of urban mobility laboratories

The MobLab Study supports the exploration of emerging urban mobility laboratories in Austria, in order to reduce the gap between the research results of the rigid environment of a laboratory and the implementation practice by offering a targeted accompanying of new Living Labs as user centred innovation settings as well as an evaluation of the gained insights.

IND4LOG4 - Industry 4.0 and its impacts on the transport logistics

The R&D service investigates the effects of Industry 4.0 on the transport and logistics sector both from a practical and a scientifically based perspective, taking special consideration of Austria’s external relationships. The investigation is intended to supply a suitable basis on which to elaborate different handling and strategy recommendations for RTI and transport policy.

OPTIWALL – Inverse optimization of noise barrier dimensioning

This project developed a method to find the optimal solution for the planning of noise barriers regarding financial costs and effect.

PHÄLIKS - The Phenomenon of driving left on multi-lane motorways - Measures and recommendations for the rule of keeping to the right side of the road

Within this study the phenomenon of driving on the left side on motorways was described and analysed with psychological, traffic related, juridical and sociological methods. Based on these results adequate measures were developed; that should enhance or facilitate the proper compliance with the traffic rules in Austria, which is driving on the right side of the road. Experts from relevant fields of expertise and competence (traffic, landscape, sociology etc.) accompanied the whole process by giving their input, evaluating the results of the exploration of the driving-left issue, and prepared and optimised the practical output of the project.

MANEUVER - Development of avoidance measures for misconduct on railway crossings with the aid of the traffic psychology

The objective of the project was to develop cost-effective measures (education, awareness-raising, roadside infrastructure) with the help of experts and road traffic participants to reduce misdemeanour at level crossings. Traffic psychological research methods will be adopted.

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