Mobility Transformation Lab

The Mobility Transformation Lab (MTL) is called "Centre for Mobility Change (CMC)" and serves as a think tank, exchange hub and catalyst in the field of "mobility behaviour change" in Austria.

Center for Mobility Change - CMC

Solving traffic problems and achieving transport policy objectives (cf. programme priorities of "Mobility of the Future") often require a change in mobility behaviour. Particularly against the background of digitalisation and the transformation of mobility, it is essential to build up knowledge in the field of mobility behaviour change, to exchange it with key players and to pass it on to essential users.

In this context, the CMC pursues the goal of sensitizing and enabling actors to implement corresponding initiatives also beyond research. It does so by clarifying causal relations in the mobility system and the mediation of impact potentials.

In addition, the CMC should contribute to identifying framework conditions and disruptive potentials as well as to increasing the practical effectiveness of topic-relevant research. Cooperation with the UMLs plays a major role here. In this area, too, the CMC promotes the consideration of the human factor in mobility issues and supports projects to include behavioural aspects in the development of products, services and processes.

With its services, the CMC focuses in this area on the empowerment of actors and the better integration of research and practice, with the aim of closing existing gaps in knowledge and promoting behavioural change through innovative solutions and making the best possible use of the potential of digitisation.

Due to its thematic orientation, the CMC is not linked to a specific spatial area.

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